Pocket's Christmas Wish

Author: Ann Bonwill

Publisher: Oxford University Press - Children

Total Pages:

Ann Bonwill. In their bunny smiles Pocket could see the love of family. But the footprints didn't stop at the pond, so Pocket hopped on. Pocket followed the footprints to a holly bush where a.

Happy-Thought Hall

Author: Francis Cowley Burnand


Total Pages: 260

Ergo , I never give in Church unless I have half a sovereign in my pocket . But I never have half a sovereign in my pocket . ” [ Smiles from everyone , and applause from Milburd , > a The Lecture . 67 . towards whom the Professor looks ...

Familiar Quotations

Author: John Bartlett


Total Pages: 1190

Pick a pocket , not scruple to , 282 . no quarrels , 398 . Picks yer pocket , smiles while it , 350 . Picked , age is grown so , 143 . out of ten thousand , 133 . up his crumbs , 393 . Picking and stealing , 850 .

Country Wedding

Author: Berry Fleming

Publisher: Open Road Media

Total Pages: 128

He had a sort of hands-in-the-pocket smile that was meant to suggest disdain and that succeeded, she thought, ... He must have been three or four inches taller than Edridge, wider in the shoulders, heavier; but the smiles were twins, ...

Ten Dollars in My Pocket

Author: Elizabeth Welt Trahan

Publisher: Peter Lang

Total Pages: 302

His eyes are very small but when he smiles , they twinkle and are surrounded by lots of wrinkles so that then his whole face smiles . When he is serious , though , his eyes are like dark slits sitting in deep pockets very penetratingly ...

God's Pocket

Author: Pete Dexter

Publisher: Random House

Total Pages: 288

She stuffed a couple inches of meat into the skins, careful not to split them or get air pockets, and then twisted them twice—always the same direction—and then ground a ... She put the plate in front of him, and he smiled at that too.

Cold Trail Pocket

Author: Tony Canzoneri

Publisher: Lulu.com

Total Pages: 235

It was a, where have you been all my life smile. Tom couldn't help but smile back. As she walked her hips pounded out a hypnotic rhythm and she slid her hand down into the front pocket of her apron in a way that made Tom swallow hard.