Permissions, A Survival Guide

Author: Susan M. Bielstein

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

Total Pages: 188

How can you determine whether an artwork is copyrighted? How do you procure a high-quality reproduction of an image? What does “fair use” really mean? Is it ever legitimate to use the work of an artist without permission?

Wireless Networking Survival Guide

Author: TechRepublic

Publisher: CNET Networks Inc.

Total Pages: 186

HERE ARE SOME TIPS FOR USING SHARING PERMISSIONS EFFECTIVELY Grant only the permissions that a group or user needs ; disallow all others . In most cases , Change permission is all a user needs for a drive or folder .

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 DBA Survival Guide

Author: Mark Spenik

Publisher: Sams Publishing

Total Pages: 1001

ON { user_defined_function } } { TO FROM } security_account ( , ... n ] [ CASCADE ] [ AS { group role } ] NOTE To specify column level permissions , list the column name ( s ) after the table name . The following is an example of ...

The Sybase IQ Survival Guide

Author: Trevor Moore


Total Pages: 440

SYSTABLEPERM This table holds the permissions on tables that have been given by using a GRANT statement. The values in the <type>auth columns of this table can have one of 3 values • N – No Permission granted • Y – Permission granted ...

IT Security Survival Guide

Author: TechRepublic

Publisher: CNET Networks Inc.

Total Pages: 202

Since no RIS server was specifically designated , the client won't show up in the prestaging area , even if you simply designate an asterisk as the server name , which is legal , by the way . Setting permissions for creating ...

SYBASE DBA Survival Guide

Author: Jeffrey R. Garbus

Publisher: Sams

Total Pages: 509

A permission list can contain a comma - delimited list of permissions or the word all ( or all privileges ) . If all is specified , only the permissions that apply to the type of object the permission is being granted on is actually ...

UNIX Survival Guide

Author: Tim Parker

Publisher: Addison Wesley Publishing Company

Total Pages: 259

The plus sign adds the permissions indicated to the file or directory , regardless of existing permissions ... 1 Using symbolic mode , the command : $ chmod + x file sets " file " to execute permission for all users 182 UNIX SURVIVAL GUIDE.