Principles of Microeconomics

Author: N. Gregory Mankiw

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Total Pages: 528

18-5 Conclusion 374 Chapter in a Nutshell 376 Key Concepts 376 Questions for Review 376 Problems and Applications 376 Quick ... 389 19-2b Discrimination by Employers 389 CASE STUDY: Segregated Streetcars and the Profit Motive 390 19-2c ...

Public Policy and Professional Sports

Author: John K Wilson

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

Total Pages: 192

Borland, Jeff (2008), Microeconomics: Case Studies and Applications (Melbourne: Cengage Learning). Borland, Jeff, Chicu, Mark and Macdonald, Robert (2009), 'Do teams always lose to win? Performance incentives and the player draft in the ...


Author: John Sloman

Publisher: Pearson Education

Total Pages: 750

APPLYING ECONOMICS TO THE REAL WORLD Case Studies and Applications boxes include examples , data and scenarios from the ... Zone 354 12 APPLIED MICROECONOMICS Additional Case Studies relevant for each chapter can be found in MyEconLab .

Microeconomic Theory

Author: R. K. Mandal

Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Dist

Total Pages: 368

... real - world applications and cutting edge developments in the study of microeconomics . Case studies and diagrammatic presentations have been incorporated so as to make the subject more accessible and interesting .

Institutional Microeconomics of Development

Author: Timothy Besley

Publisher: MIT Press

Total Pages: 264

... put together various applications of transaction cost analysis with problems of development, both rural and urban (with application to case studies in Tunisia).1 There is hardly any trace of this literature in the recent outpourings ...